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  • Valentine’s Day in Rome

  • Valentine's Day in Rome: the most romantic places to visit

    As every year on February 14, Valentine's Day in Rome, is a special occasion for many couples to show their love.
    The cult of the martyr Valentine, bishop of Terni in 197 or so, seems to date from the time of Constantine, although with this name there are two martyrs linked to the Via Flaminia, in Rome and in Terni. It 'also likely to be of the same character, born in Terni and also venerated in Rome. There are many legends about the life of the saint, considered the patron saint of lovers, among them, it is said that Valentine, former bishop of Terni, he married the young Christian Serapio and the Roman centurion Sabino. The young man was very ill, so Sabino Valentino called to the bedside of the dying young man and asked him never to be separated from his beloved: the holy bishop baptized him and then joined in marriage to Serapio.

    If you decided to spend Valentine's Day in Rome, you have made an excellent choice: the Eternal City is the perfect place for a romance, and the occasions to celebrate Valentine's Day are not lacking.

    Getting lost in the alleys of Rome, walk through the ancient ruins it is definitely an unforgettable and romantic.
    Rome offers several vantage points, each with its own peculiarities, which enjoy a splendid view; proposal:

    The Janiculum

    Janiculum view
    From this hill, on the right bank of the Tiber, just from the lookout near the statue of Garibaldi, you can admire fascinating views over the old town.
    For art lovers, we recommend the Temple of Bramante, perhaps the best example of Renaissance architecture in Rome, while the Naturalists must is definitely the Botanical Garden, with over 8,000 species of plants.

    The Pincio

    The Pincio view
    From here, on the beautiful Piazza Napoleone I terrace, you can appreciate one of the most beautiful views around the world. No one can remain immune in front of this scene able to understand much of the historical center of Rome (including the dome of St. Peter's and Castel Sant'Angelo) and offer a truly picturesque sunset.

    The Orange Garden
    On top of one of the most elegant hills of Rome, the Aventine, between the medieval walls, the remains of the ancient fortress of the Savelli family is Savelli Park (also known as the Orange Garden), small rectangular garden. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of Rome that goes by the loop of the Tiber to St. Peter's Basilica.

    San Pietro from the keyhole.

    Keyhole St. Peter

    In more, just after the Orange Garden, the keyhole of the gate of the Priory of the Knights of Malta offers the most popular and picturesque view of St. Peter. Looking at it through this popular slot you can enjoy a fantastic view of St. Peter's Dome framed by hedges of the Priory gardens. A very original and amazing views!