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  • Taxi service Rome airport

  • Taxi service Rome airport. Public and private taxi

    A taxi service at the airport in Rome, is the best choice if you want to avoid stress and save you time.

    But, to avoid being cheated by taxi drivers without valid license (in Rome there are many) or paying more than you should, you must follow certain rules.

    In this post, you will find that it is always best to book a taxi in advance, that a private taxi costs less than one audience and that we offer a personalized service.

    First of all let's see what your destination airport.

    In fact there are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino.

    The Fiumicino airport is the main one and if on your flight ticket there the abbreviation "FCO", it means that your destination is Fiumicino.

    The Ciampino airport is usually available to low-cost (but not always) and on your flight ticket, you will find the letters "CPO".

    Once you understand this, we see room rates for a public taxi and a private one and how to book them.

  • Taxi service Rome airport Fiumicino: cost and info

    Once you understand that your flight lands at Fiumicino, there are two ways to take a taxi service from Rome airport.

    Taxi public against private taxi.

    The municipality of Rome has determined that a public taxi (white taxi) from Fiumicino Airport in Rome (within the Aurelian walls) costs € 48 ( se the picture below )

    Risultati immagini per taxi roma tariffa fissa

    As you see in the picture luggage and taxes are included.

    Larger companies public taxis at the airport of Rome are 3570 and 6645.

    Taxi rank in Fiumicino airport, are located outside each terminal (for arrivals are Termminal 1 and 3).

    Our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises, is to always have the address of your destination with you, you can show the taxi driver, wondering if the rate is EUR 48.
    Before departing from your city, be sure that the day of your arrival, there are no strikes by public transport (including taxis)

    Private taxi service Rome airport Fiumicino

    If you want personalized service, with a driver who will pick you up at the airport, you have to choose a private taxi.

    In Rome there are many private companies that offer a taxi service from the airport of Fiumicino.

    Prices start from € 45 up to more than 60, but the point is that not all offer a guaranteed service and professional.

    To choose the best company, look at the customer reviews that have already traveled with these companies.

    Rome airport transfer: flat rate from euro 45

    If you want to be sure to pay the right, choose our private taxi company from the airport of Fiumicino, to any destination.

    Our prices start from 45 euro for a 'saloon car from 1 to 4 people and in addition we can also offer Minivan and Van from 5 to 8 people at a low cost.

    In addition, we are never on strike, payment is always at the end, you can book your taxi service before you arrive and we'll pick you up at the airport.

    You'll have a number for emergencies and if your flight is late, you will not worry us know.

    In fact, always we monitor air traffic and for a possible flight delay, we will always be able to know what time your flight will land.

    You will find our driver waiting for you too after 2 hours late and without additional costs.

    Check our best rates for a taxi service from Fiumicino airport to Rome


  • Taxi service Rome airport Ciampino ( CPO )

    As for the Ciampino airport taxi service, they are worth more or less the same directions given above.

    With only one recommendation: a public taxi (white taxi) from Ciampino airport to Rome center it costs € 30.

    Since this rate is very low, difficult to find a taxi driver willing to take you to your destination in this cost.

    Well, yes: just read on the Internet and see that many people have been deceived, not to be very honest taxi drivers who requested figures well above 30 EUR.

    Always ask before using a public taxi service from the airport to Rome what it will cost.

    A private taxi service from the airport of Ciampino to Rome with our company, costs € 45 (fixed cost).

    You will not have any surprises at the end and viaggierai conveniently mercedes.

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