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  • Taxi Cost Fiumicino Tiburtina Station

  • How much does a taxi cost from Fiumicino to Tiburtina?

    Tiburtina station is the second most important train and bus station in Rome, after Termini station.

    The distance between Fiumicino airport to Tiburtina is about 33km and basically a taxi takes 30-40 minutes to reach it.

    There is not a fix rate for a Public taxi ( white taxi ) from Fiumicino airport to Tiburtina station because it is located outside the Aurelian walls, so if you decide to get a public taxi remember that the taxi driver will use the taxi-meter and the cost could be very expensive, between 60-80 euros.

    If you need a fix taxi cost from Fiumicino to Tiburtina station with no surprise we can guarantee a flat rate from or to Tiburtina station from only euro 45.

    We can offer a sedan car from 1 to up 4 people,a mini van for 5 people or even a van from 6 to 8 people: here follows our best rates guarantee at fix cost from Fiumicino to tiburtina station or vice versa.

    Sedan Car 1-4 people euro 45 ( bags and tax included )

    Mini Van 5 people euro 60 ( bags and tax included ) 

    Van 6-8 people euro 70 ( bags and tax included )

    Extra Charge: night transfer from 10pm to 06.00am + euro 5

    Payment by credit card + euro 3

    If you wish to reserve a taxi from Fiumicino airport to Tiburtina station click here 

    If you wish to reserve a taxi from Tiburtina station to Fiumicino airport click here