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  • Rome Transportation free guide: all the most questions searched

    This is a very long post where we try to answer to all the common questions about Rome transportation; you will find an useful Rome transfers guide, with link and video, to help all the travellers to choose the best way to move in Rome.

    We decide to put all these information in alphabetic order, so if you have a query in your mind, you just have to scroll down the page, looking for your answer.

    If you can't find what you need to know, we beg you to ask directly at the bottom of the page, in the comment area: we will be glad to answer and add to our guide.

  • Airport of Rome

    In Rome there are 2 airports: the main airport is Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci ( Fco ) and the second is Ciampino airport (CPO)

  • Airport Rome Fiumicino arrivals

    If you are looking for the flight status, you can follows this link ADR: adr is the official airports website where you will find useful information. If you wish to check your flight status follow this link

  • Book a taxi from Fiumicino airport to Rome

    If you need a taxi transportation from Fiumicino airport to Rome and you wish to book online we suggest to use our company: our flat rate is only euro 45 for a car from 1 to up 4 people ( less than a public taxi service )

    To book a taxi and learn more about the rates and info see our web page: Fiumicino airport to Rome transfer

  • Book taxi Rome

    There are many taxi's companies in Rome but basically 2 of them are the best: one of them is 3570 and the other is 6645.

    To book a taxi for the city transfer we suggest to call them dialing 0039 ( country code of Italy) 06-3570 or 0039 06-6645. An operator will answer.

    TIP: if you stay in your Hotel you can ask to the receptionist to call one for you

  • Bus Fiumicino Civitavecchia

    Actually there are no bus or buses transportation between Fiumicino and Civitavecchia port.

    You can get from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia by public transportation in this way; take the train " Leonardo express " from Fiumicino to Rome Termini station ( euro 14 per person )

    There are 2 trains every our from 06.35 to 10.35 and once you reach the main Rome station you have to get a regional train  or the fastest train to Civitavecchia port.

    The cost is euro 5 ( regional train ) and euro 15 ( fastest one ) and there is a train every 30 minutes from 06.12 in the morning 

    Tips: official website for Rome transportation by train is : www.trenitalia.it


  • Buy Leonardo express ticket

    In the video below we show you how it is easy to buy a Leonardo express ticket in the airport and in Termini station as well by self service machine: you can also purchase it online to the official website www.trenitalia.it


  • Buy Leonardo express tickets in the kiosk ( self service machine )

  • Buy Roma Pass

    Roma pass is a special ticket that permit you to use all the public Rome transportation ( metro ans buses ) and offer a free entrance in some museums and discount for many others: we wrote a post about it here or see the video below

  • Buy Roma pass worth it?

  • Camping Fabulous Rome transportation

     camping fabuolous transportation

    We discover that the Camping Fabuolus is one of the most chosen destiantion for your vacation in Rome.

    For this reason we actually provide for private transfer service by limo and private taxi at the flat rate from Fiumicino and Ciampino airport to the camping Fabuolous.

    To know all the fix rates for a transportation from airport to Fabuolous and to have more info read here

  • Ciampino Airport hotel transfers

    If you need a transportation between Ciampino airport to your hotel in Rome, the only choice is to get a public or private taxi service.

    The cost for Ciampino airport hotel transfers is euro 30 ( public taxi ) and euro 45 ( for a private one with our company)

    Taxi stands in Ciampino airport is located just outside the Arrivals/departure gate of the airport

    TIP: ask before to get in the public taxi if the fix rate of euro 30 from Ciampino to your hotel is confirmed. In fact many taxi drivers don't respect this tariff saying that your Hotel is outside the Aurelian walls and a taxi fare from Ciampino to your Hotel will be quite expensive than 30 euro.

    If you need a safe Ciampino airport hotel transfers at fix cost of only euro 45 book on line our service here 

  • Ciampino airport shuttle bus

    There is a cheap transportation from Caimpino airport to Rome Termini station ( main railway station in Rome). The company name that provides for this kind of service is named Terravision and the cost of Ciampino airport shuttle bus to rome Termini is only euro 4 per person.

    The official website is here 

  • Ciampino airport taxi

    In Ciampino airport taxi stands are located just outside the main airport etrance: they are in a crew and you have to go in the head of the crew asking who is the first. be clear with the taxi driver show him your destination address and ask how much a taxi ride cost.

    If you wish a real Ciampino airport taxi fix rate read here

  • Ciampino airport to Rome

    In the next video below we will show you how to get a bus from Ciampino airport to Rome. The bus take you from Airport to Rome Termini station; from there there are many ways to reach your destination.

    You can get the metro system located at the minus one floor of Termini station, you can get a taxi, just outside the main station area, or you can get a bus.

  • Ciampino airport to rome ( termini )

  • Ciampino airport to Fiumicino airport

    If you need a transportation between Ciampino airport to Fiumicino airport the best way is to get a taxi but be carefull because there is not a fix rate for a public taxi from Ciampino to Fiumicino airport

    You can also get a Bus from Ciampino airport to termini station and then the Leonardo express train to Fiumicino airport, but it could be more expensive of out private taxi and is for sure very long wasting time ( at least 3 hours )

    If you wish we can provide for a flat rate for a transportation from ciampino airport to Fiumicino airport: read the full post here

  • Ciampino airport transfers

    We will show here all the available transportation choices if you need a Ciampino airport transfers and all the costs:

    By Bus: cost between 4 and 6 euro per person

    Company name is Terravision and they take you from Ciampino airport to Termini station. you can buy the ticket on the spot or reserve on line ( see the video above)

    By public taxi: cost between 30 to 60 euro per car

    Taxi stand are outside the Ciampino airport: the fix rate is euro 30 from ciampino airport to Rome, if your location is inside the aurelian walls. if outside the apply an extra tariff, so be clear with the taxi driver and ask for a quote before to get in.

    By private taxi or Limo service: cost eur 45

    if you need a real fix rate, trust in our transfer company: we only apply a flat rate and doesn't matter in whic district of Rome your destination is located 


  • Ciampino airport to Vatican city

    We will show you how to get from Ciampino airport to Vatican city.

    Cheapest way:

    Take the shuttle bus Terravision from Ciampino airport to Rome termini and from there take the metro Line A direction Battistini and get out to Ottaviano Metro station 

    Total cost: euro 5.50 per person ( 4 euro for the shuttle bus + euro 1.50 for the metro ticket) 

    Duration: between 70 to 90 minutes

    Comforatble way

    Take our private taxi service to assure you a professional and custom pick up and transfer service between ciampino airport to vatican city.

    Total cost: euro 45 per car ( 1-4 pax )

    Duration: 30-45 minutes ( read more here ) 

  • How to get from Ciampino airport to Civitavecchia port? There is not a direct train or bus to get from Ciampino to Civitavecchia; for this reason, the best way to get from ciampino airport to civitavecchia port is by taxi.

    Civitavecchia port is located about 85 km from the airport of Ciampino and a taxi ride take between 70-90 minutes to reach the port.

    We can provide for a private taxi at the flat rate of euro 130 for a car from 1 to up 3 people, but we also have Mini van and Van for small groups ( shuttle bus service ).

    You can book on line before your arrival in the airport and payment will be only at the end of the transfer service


  • Civitavecchia airport transfer

    Civitavecchia airport transfer is one of our most booked service from March to up November; in fact if you don't already provide for your transportation between Rome Airports to Civitavecchia port or vice versa we recommend to book in advance due the fact that, there is not a direct Rome transportation train or shuttle from Civitavecchia to Airports in Rome or vice versa.

    The distance between Civitavecchia port to the rome airports is 75 km to fiumicino airport and 90 km to ciampino airport and a car takes usually from 60 to up 90 minutes.

    You can book on line your transportation for or to Civitavecchia port from or to the airports of Rome at the flat rate.

  • Rometransfer.it provides to put at your disposal a car for your private transfer with driver from Civitavecchia port to Rome.

    Our professional drivers will pick you up, inside the port, with your name written on a sign to take you directly to Rome city.

    Civitavecchia to Rome transportation is one of our most sold service: our flat rate for a Civitavecchia car transfer to Rome is euro 130, bags and tax included


  • Civitavecchia to Rome transfers

    Here follows all the transportion options between Civitavecchia port to Rome city; we also include below an useful video to get from Civitavecchia port to Rome by train even if is not to much comfortable ( if you have to carry on all your bags) is a good option if you wish to spend one day in rome in the cheapest way possible.

    By taxi

    There is a taxi stand just outside the port; be carefull because there is not a flat rate to go from Civitavecchia port to Rome by public taxi, so we suggest to deal the price before you get in the taxi.

    Taxis in Rome are white and have the sign TAXI on the roof of the car; they also have a license of the Municipality of room on the main door of the cab.

    By Limo service

    if you need a private taxi or limo service or simpy you want ot know in advance how much cost a Civitavechia to Rome transfer, choose our trusted company.

    We will pick you up just at the bottom of your disembark cruise with your name written on a sign to take you directly to Rome city in a comfortable Mercedes car.

    Read more here

    By train

    see the video below

  • Civitavecchia port to Rome transfer by train

  • Civitavecchia Shuttle Services

    We provide for Civitavecchia and Rome transportation to the port with our Mini Van and van. Custom pick up and transfer with meet and greet formula. Civitavecchia shuttle services is never been so easy. From 4 to up 8 people, our shuttle bus are comfortable, safe and clean.

    Enjoy your trip and book in advance a Civitavecchia shuttle service; our driver will pick you up directly inside the port at few meters by your ship to take you eveywhere: private shuttle services to Rome or to airports Fiumicino and Ciampino.

    Our rates are fixed and includes bags and tax:

    • Mini Van for 4-5 people euro 140
    • Van from 6 to up 8 people euro 150

    Here follows our Civitavecchia shuttle services; click on the link to see and read more about our transfer services:

    Civitavecchia to Rome Shuttle service

    Rome to Civitavecchia Shuttle service

    Civitavecchia shuttle services to airports


  • Fiumicino Airport Taxi

    Taxi stands in Fiumicino airport is located just outside the gates of each Terminal (1-2-3 and 5). Basically all the taxis are located ina long queque, night and day, 24/7. 

    The regular taxi in Fiumicino airport are white and have the sign "taxi" on the roof of the car. The also have a symbol of " Comune di Roma" and the taxi licence written on the side of the door ( see the imagine below )

    regular rome taxi

     The main taxi companies in Fiumicino airport are 3570 and 6645 but there are  many  others smaller as well.

     To get a " regular taxi in Fiumicino airport" you have to go to the head of the  line and  get  the first taxi in the top.

     Tips: pay attention inside the airport. There are some irregular taxi  drivers, who  will ask you if you need a ride from airport to Rome city.

     Decline any offer because is not allowed to get inside the airport for any  taxi  drivers if they don't have already a reservation. 



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