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    Taxi drivers in Rome, as a whole, are no much better and no bad versus taxi drivers in any major city. The majority of them are going to take you to your destination by the fastest road (which may not be the shortest) and will load the value displayed on the taxi-meter plus allowed extra fees of €1 for every single case right after the first in the baggage area and €1 for each passenger after the 4th.

    Be certain to only use an official taxi, licenced by the City of Rome. They're white in color, with a "TAXI" sign on the roof and the Rome emblem (with "SPQR") on the doorways. They use a meter, which ought to always be utilized unless you are travelling between central Rome (Aurelian walls), main train stations plus one of the two airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino). Check to be certain it is currently being used.

    Flat cost to airports. There exists a fixed price from central Rome (within the old walls, named Aurelian walls) to the airports and vice versa: €48 for Fiumicino and €30 for Ciampino, including baggage. If you are travelling between an airport and somewhere outside the old walls (excepted another specific places such as train stations) regular metered charges apply.

    Numerous complaints about rip-offs arise from somebody by using vehicle that is not an public taxi. Ignore touts who could contact you at an airport or train station, supplying a "taxi" service. Stick to the indications to the taxi position, and use an official taxi.

    Even with the meter, a few drivers may try to rip you off.

    Pay attention to the taxi number illustration so as you are able to submit any problem by a complaint form. Misconceptions can happen over payment, particularly as tourists could be new to euro money. Get small change and try to count it out slowly as you pay, as they are known to switch your 50 for a 10 (similar color) and claim that is what you got him.

    Tipping: It is not required to tip for anything in Italy.

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