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  • Taxi rate from Airports to Rome

    As you can see in the imagine above there are 2 taxi rates from 2 differents airport: Fiumicino And Ciampino.

    The imagine shows you what is written on the side of the public taxi in Fiumicino and Ciampino airport.

    If you can read well i will report you what should be the rate: from Fiumicino airport to Rome euro 48 ( within the Aurelian walls) and from Ciampino Airport to Rome euro 30 ( within the Aurelian walls).

    It is simple or should be, but why internet is full of taxi scams? Now we will try to explain what happening in the reality.

    First and formost don't take an unofficial taxi in the airports; we will give you some information and tips how to avoid this.

    In the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino, there are many no licensed taxi drivers ( or they try to be them), and you can recognize because they will ask you if you wish a taxi ride from airport to Rome.

    No taxi drivers is licensed to ask you directly this.They will be ( the official one) in the stands just outside the airport in a long line waiting for the passengers and never vice versa.

    Different is for the private taxi company like ours; we are licensed to get in the airport with a voucher and name of the customer written on a pad, with a reservation made from the same customer before to landing in the airport and even in this case we are not licensed to get another travelers or ask if someone else need a ride.

    You can be sure of the official taxi when you see them in the taxi stands, with the taxi sign on the roof of the car and License number in the side of the door ( as the imagine above).

    Now the rule says that the taxi rate from airports to Rome is euro 48 from Fiumicino Airport and 30 from Ciampino within the "Aurelian Walls"

    Do you really know wich are the limits of Aurelian walls? Do you think your Hotel or destination is inside?

    TIP: Ask before to the driver if the rate is correct and ask also if the bags are included in the rates. 

    The most smart of them will try to say that your accomodation is outside the Aurelian walls or they try to charge you euro 2 for any bags left in the rear of the car ( naturally should be included in the 48 or 30 rate).

    In Fiumicino Airport is pretty easy to get a taxi at the flat rate of euro 48 because there are many competent authorities that daily check all the public and private taxi drivers, so basically you only have to pay attention to get an official one and if you have any kind of trouble with, note the taxi license written on the side of the car to make a complaint.

    In Ciampino airport is different; there are less authority to check the taxi drivers and in many cases when you try to ask for the flat rate for a taxi from Ciampino to Rome, they will tell you that are not able to speak in english or they just ignore you.

    In this airport you must to be luky and find or wait up to meet an honest taxi driver that agree with the rate of euro 30.

    Final consideration: if you not to be scammed and you need a clear rome taxi rates from airport trust in us and our services: