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  • Rome taxi: how to get a taxi in Rome

    First and foremost: a taxi in Rome is white and it has on the roof the sign "Taxi" and in the side door there is written "Comune di Rome" the company who they belong ( for example 3570 ) and the name on the taxi ( Like Panama 51).

    Many people think that works like any other city in the world but here is a little different. When you see the light of the taxi sign turned on it means that you can stop the taxi and get it.

    Infact most of the taxi in Rome work with the radio and they have all the ride already reserved. Basically you have 2 choices to get a rome taxi:

    1. Call the taxi by phone and by message
    2. Go to the Taxi stands ( taxi stands in Rome)

    How to call a taxi in Rome 

    In Rome we have many taxi companies that work all day long; the main is 3570 and to call them you have to dial 0039 ( if you don't have an italian sim card) 06-3570.

    There are even others like 6645 and to call them you have to dial 0039 06-6645 and also 0039 06 5551.

    Generally the operator doesn't speak in english; try to explain in italian where you are ( Rome full address ). They don't need to know your destination but only the pick up address.

    TIP: if you are close to the many Hotels or restaurants that we have in Rome, get in and ask a favour to call a taxi for you; he will be glad to help you.

    Rome taxi stands

    There are many taxi stands in Rome: above the page there is a link to another page of our blog to help you to find the nearest taxi stands of your location.

    TIP: if you are coming from Termini station ( main railway station in Rome ) from other italian city or from airport, be carefull to the irregular taxi drivers; they will come to you asking if you need a ride. Decline their offer because in Rome is not allowed for a taxi driver asking if you need a ride if they are not in the taxi stands.

    Just outside the main exit of Termini station there are a long lines of taxi, take the first in the head of the crew.



  • Rome taxi: how much doest it cost?

    If you need a rome taxi for the city transfer there is a fix rate as you get in the cab:

    €2,80 from 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays
    €4,00 from 7 am to 10 pm on Sundays and holidays
    €5,80 from 10 pm to 7 am all days of the week

    The initial fee above is valid from the taxi stands

    If you call a taxi, instead, you have to add the minutes that it will take to come to you as follows:

    5 minutes = €2
    10 minutes = €4
    more than 10 minutes = €6

    The first luggage is free of charge and the others will cost 1 euro each.

    Any taxi in Rome has the meter anf the fee is euro 1.30 for any kilometer made; it has to be turned on as you get in the rome taxi and set on the tariff1.

    If you have any trouble with the taxi driver we will suggest to note his taxi name ( for example Panama 51) and call immediately to the taxi company 06-3570 or 06-6645 or any other ( the number' company is written clear on the side door of the cab).

    Let him know that you want to make a complaint with the company and show that you know what are you doing.

  • Fiumicino Taxi: flat rate euro 48

    If you need a Rome taxi from or to Fco ( Fiumicino airport ) you need to know that exist a flat rate of euro 48 ( is written clear on the side of the taxi ).

    If you stay in any Hotel in Rome, the receptionist will call a taxi for you; let him know that you want a regular one at the flat rate of euro 48.

    He can propose you to get a different private transfer service at the same rate; you can trust in him and get it to have no surprise, or you can book a Rome taxi service to Fiumicino airport at only euro 45 ( look at this ).

    Something difference is for a taxi from Fiumicino airport to Rome; taxi stands in Fiumicino airport is located to the front of the main terminals, just outside the airport.

    Remember that the flat rate of euro 48 is valid from Fiumicino to Rome city center ( inside the aurelian walls ) only, so be sure of your destination is inside the walls and if you are sure about it, ask to the taxi driver for the rates from airport to your destination and how much it would be cost, before to get in.

    We remind you that at no one of the public taxi drivers is allowed to get in the airport and ask for a ride; so decline any proposal like this.

    if you want to travel safe with a custom taxi transfer from Fiumicino airport to Rome book a ride with us