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  • Rome taxi fare from airport to city

  • Rome taxi cost Fiumcino to city

    The public taxi from Fiumicino airport to Rome is euro 48. This is the official rate for a taxi from fco airport to Rome inside the Aurelian walls. The taxi stands are outside the exit gate of each Terminal.

    Between the way from Luggage area to the exit you could find some people who will ask you if you need a ride; please don't trust them becuse the are not licensed to ask this kind of service and foremost they don't have a regular taxi driver license.

    If you wish to stay safe with your transfer and spend less than 48 euro we can provide for a custom private transfer. Our Rome taxi service from fiumicino to rome cost only 45 euro with bags included! your driver will wait in the luggage room with your name written on a pad and you will travel in a comfortable and clean Mercedes Car.

    If you need more information about all our fare from Fiumicino airport transfer click here

  • Rome taxi fare Ciampino to city

    Public taxi fare from Ciampino airport to Rome is only euro 30. The bad news is that is difficult to find someone who accomplish to that rate; take a look on internet to see how many negative reviews are for a public taxi from Cpo airport.

    Even if is written clear on the door of the taxi " Ciampino Airport to Rome cost euro 30", if you try to ask them if the rate is correct they will ignore you or in the best case they will try to be smart saying the your location in not inside the aurelian walls so the will charge more money or extra fee.

    We have a flat fare of euro 45 from Ciampino airport to city and doesn't matter if your location is inside or outside the Aurelian walls.

    So if you don't want to be scammed when you land in Rome trust in us and take a look to our fare from Ciampino airport to Rome