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  • Rome Ciampino Airport Transfers: Taxi Rate And Reservation

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    How Much Taxi Costs From or to Ciampino Airport?

    Ciampino Airport is located at about 20 km from Rome city center.

    by the way if you asking if is better to get a public transportation or a taxi to go from the airport to Rome or vice versa the answer is depends.

    In fact, public buses or train are terrible linked to reach rome, and get one of them could be time consuming.

    However, in this page we will talk about Rome Ciampino Airport transfers by taxi.

    Basically, there are 2 ways to get a taxi from or to Ciampino Airport: public or private one

    Rome Ciampino Airport Transfers by public taxi

    Ciampino airport transfers by public taxi

    As you can see in the picture above, flat rate for a public taxi from or to Ciampino airport is euro 30.

    This is the fix cost if your driver will be honest

    In fact on the web there are many bad reviews about taxi drivers in Rome that overcharge this route.

    Honestly speaking, not all of them are bad.

    To be sure to pay the right price, ask to him how much taxi transfer cost before to get in the car.

    Second, be carefull to the illegal drivers.

    In the airport you can be approch by irregular taxi drivers.

    Regular taxi companies are just outside the main gate of the airport

    Is not allow to any taxi drivers ask for a ride to the guests.

    If you need, instead a Rome Ciampino airport transfers from the city, there is no issue.

    Go to the taxi rank or ask to the receptionist of your Hotel to call a regular one.

    As you can see in the picture, there is a flat rate for Rome Ciampino airport transfers depending by your location.

    If your departure or arrival place is outside the Aurelian Walls the cost of a taxi transfer change

    Rome Ciampino Airport Transfer by Private Taxi

    private transfers rome ciampino airport

    Do you want to be sure to pay a real flat rate and have a personal custom transfer?

    It is time to talk about our transfer company.

    We can provide and arrange any kind of transportation from or to Ciampino Airport.

    Our cheap taxi company can offer a reliable transfers for all your needs.

    We have sedan Mercedes car, Minivan and Van from 1 to up 8 persons seats.

    Only fix rates are applied for a Rome Ciampino Airport transfers: here follows our best rates.

    Sedan Car from 1 to up 4 people euro 45

    Minivan for 5 People euro 60

    Van from 6 to up 8 people euro 80

    These costs are per car no per person and bags are included in the rate.

    In case you arrive in Ciampino airport, our driver will wait for you eith your name written on a sign.

    If you ,instead , depart from Rome city, he will come directly to your location

    Reservation is easy and you don’t need to pay in advance for the transfer.

    Follow these links to have more info or to book a taxi:

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    You can also book a transfer by whatsapp to this phone number 0039-329-2093-765, click to connect with us