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  • Rome Cabs tips to be not ripped off

  • Rome Cabs: how to avoid to be ripped off

    in this post we want to show you how to get a Rome cabs without to make an hole in your pocket. In fact there are many bad reviews about taxi drivers and many of them are true.

    But if you follow our tips, you can take easily any of many rome cabs in a safe way.

    Take a regular Rome cab

    this is the first but even the most important tip: in fact there many irregular taxi driver in Rome, mostly close to the train station or in the airport. Is quite simple to recognize a regular one ( see picture below )

    Rome cabs

    Rome cabs are white and have a sign of the taxi on the roof of the car. There is also the taxi company name written on the side door and a Symbol of ” Comune di Roma “.

    Basically you can not get a taxi on the street but if the light of the taxi located on the roof of the car is turned on means that the taxi is free.

    There are many taxi ranks in the airport, outside the train and metro station, and in many squares in Rome ( rome taxi stands list here ).

    Is not allowed to any taxi driver ( regular and irregular as well ) to approach you and ask if you need a ride.

    Be careful to the taxi meter

    Inside the public taxis there is a machine named taximeter. Be careful when you get in the taxi that is turned on. Generally when you get inside the cab there is a fix fee for the calling or for the initial ride. It sets about at 4 euro during the normal day and during the day time.

    Sometimes could be more expensive, expecially during the night time and can reach also the 6 euro.

    The important thing that it is turn on in the moment you get in.

    Airport taxi transfer: in this case the taxi meter will be turn off, because there is a fix taxi rate from and to the airports of Rome.

    From or to Fiumicino airport the public taxi takes a fix rate of euro 48 and from and to Ciampino airport the taxi rate is fix to 30 euro.

    The part of the city outside the aurelian walls are not included in the fix rates.

    Rome cabs fare (city transfer)

    Here follows the Rome cabs fare for kilometers and for the city transfer so you have an idea how much would it cost:

    • Taxi starts euro 4.50 ( normal tariff)
    Price *
    Price *
    Price *
    Price *
    3 9.00 € 13 24.00 € 23 39.00 € 33 54.00 €
    4 10.50 € 14 25.50 € 24 40.50 € 34 55.50 €
    5 12.00 € 15 27.00 € 25 42.00 € 35 57.00 €
    6 13.50 € 16 28.50 € 26 43.50 € 36 58.50 €
    7 15.00 € 17 30.00 € 27 45.00 € 37 60.00 €
    8 16.50 € 18 31.50 € 28 46.50 € 38 61.50 €
    9 18.00 € 19 33.00 € 29 48.00 € 39 63.00 €
    10 19.50 € 20 34.50 € 30 49.50 € 40 64.50 €
    11 21.00 € 21 36.00 € 31 51.00 € 41 66.00 €
    12 22.50 € 22 37.50 € 32 52.50 € 42 67.50 €

    The fare above are just an estimated taxi costs: if you need something more accurately check this Rome taxi fare

    From/to Rome Airports

    There is a fix Rome cabs fare from and to the airports of Rome, Fiumicino ( international airport FCO ) and Ciampino ( CIA ).

    In the year 2017 the taxi fare set to:

    • From/To Fiumicino airport euro 48
    • From/To Ciampino airport euro 30

    Bags included in the rates.

    Now, from and to Fiumicino airport the taxi drivers are generally honest and they will ask you the right price.

    The real problem is from and to Ciampino airport. In fact many bad reviews about the taxi drivers are from this ride.

    Basically they don’t want you to pay only euro 30 and many times they will try to charge you more. There are 2 ways to avoid this.

    • Take a private taxi: in fact there many private taxi companies that apply a real fix rate from or to Ciampino airport.

    The average price is between 40 to 50 euro, but you already know how much a taxi will cost to you.

    • Ask to the taxi driver how much does it cost ( bags included )

    Note that on the side door of the taxi, the cost is clear


    rome cabs rate

    Rome cabs companies number

    The biggest cabs companies in Rome are 3570 and 6645.

    You can call them dialing 06-3570 or 06-6645 if you use an italian sim card.

    0039-063570 / 0039- 066645 if you are calling with a no italian sim card.

    Make the Hotel call for you: many hotels have a direct and priority line with this taxi companies, so ask to them to call a taxi for you.

    Rome taxi: private vs public one

    If you want to be stress free we recommend to get a private taxi.

    In fact they have a custom service and you can set the time,day and location of the drop on and drop off.

    You already know how much a taxi costs to you and they guarantee cars for any need: saloon and sedan car, station wagon and also Minivan and Van from 1 to up 8 people.

    Our transfer company for example can guarantee a real fix rate.

    From and to Fiumicino and Ciampino airport, Civitavecchia port and also Naples, Tivoli, Castel Romano outlet.

    You will travel in a luxury Mercedes, clean car and more comfortable than a public taxi.

    Tips to the driver

    In Rome is not a must to leave a tip to the taxi driver.