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  • Rome Airport Taxi Questions: All You Need To Know

  • Rome Airport Taxi Frequently Questions

    In this post you will be able to chose which is the best way to get a taxi in rome, how much would be cost, how to avoid to be ripped off from irregular one and so on.

    We made a several most used questions and we tried to answer to anyone of them.

    • Is there Uber in Rome airport?
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    • How expensive are taxis in Rome?
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    • Is Fiumicino airport the same as Leonardo da Vinci?
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  • Is There Uber In Rome Airport?

    Is there uber in Rome airport?

    If you wish to use Uber in Rome airport you need to know that the taxi company most used in severals countries is not too much used in Rome and in Italy in general.

    In fact the surcharge for any Uber taxi will be more expensive of a regualar public and private taxi.

    There are many protest about the use of Uber in Italy: public taxi and some of private one as well made a lot of manifestation to avoid the use of Uber in Italy. 

    In the year 2017, Uber was totally banned for a while; after a long time they return to be regular but the cost remains too expensive for the route for example from airport to Rome city.

    So you can use it but will cost more than any other taxis companies

  • How much is a taxi from Rome airport to the city?

    How much is a taxi from Rome airport to the city?

    Well, first of all, for the public taxis companies, there are 2 different costs, depending in which airport your flight will land.

    Fiumicino Airport ( FCO ) International airport

    Fiumicino Airport is the main international airport in Rome and the cost from this airport to the city center will cost you euro 48 if you get a public taxi or euro 40-60 if you choose a private taxi company.

    Basically the rates above are from Fco to the city center including some of the best location in Rome as Vatican area, Trastevere, Colosseum, Termini, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Square ( steps ) 

    If your drop off location is outside the Aurelian walls, the cost will be more expensive.

    Ciampino Airport ( CIA) 

    Ciampino Airport is the second airport in Rome, generally used for the low costs flight.

    A public taxi fix rate from Ciampino airport to Rome city center for the best areas located inside the Aurelian walls is euro 30. 

    Naturally many taxi drivers will try to be smart and charge you the bags. Bags are included in the rates. 

    Before to get inside a public taxi, ask to the driver how much te trip will cost you, in order to be clear from the beginning. 

    If you want to be safe we higly recommend to get a private taxi, like ours. The cost will be a little bit more expensive but you will never have any bad surprise at the end onf the journey.