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  • Main airport in Rome: how to get to city

    The main airport in Rome is known as Fiumicino or with the initials Fco or the real name "Leonardo da Vinci" and is located near the sea about 30 km from the center of the city of Rome.

    The main airport in Rome is very busy especially in the hours between 09am until 04pm. The telephone number for information is: +39 06-65951.

    At Fiumicino there are all the major airlines, but also low-cost like Ryanair and Easyjet. The connection between the main airport in Rome to the center is carried out every day, from 06.30 am to 11.30pm, through a train called "Leonardo Express". The station is located inside the airport, reachable through a tapisroullant (about 500 meters)

    The ticket costs € 14 per person and there are no stops between the airport and Termini Station (direct). Once you land, you just follow the signs for Fiumicino station. Remember to stamp your ticket before you get on the train, in the machines placed near the platform.

    If you want to get to Rome, through a public taxi, the taxi stand is just outside each terminal at the main airport in Rome. Public taxis are white and have a taxi sign on top of the car. Inside the main airport of Rome, there are people who ask you if you need a taxi to the center of Rome; disclaims any offer, because drivers are unlicensed and you could pay a lot more than what you should. A public taxi from Fiumicino to Rome center costs € 48.

    If you want to take advantage of a professional service, with a personal driver and private car, then choose our company transfers to and from the main airport of Rome. The price of a private taxi costs only € 45 from Fiumicino to every part of the city. If you want to book a taxi or for more information, follow this link: Fiumicino airport to Rome transfer