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  • Leonardo Express Train – Fiumicino Airport To Rome

  • Leonardo express Train useful information

    Leonardo Express is the quickest way to get from Fiumicino Airport (a.k.a. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport a.k.a FCO) to central station in Rome named Termini .

    Trains work every 30minute intervals from early morning right until late into the evening, taking only 31 minutes to make the 30 km from the airport and Rome's Termini Station.

    The Leonardo Express 1st-class fare of €14 is approximately 50 percent greater than just what you'd pay for a second-class solution with a standard commute train between Fiumicino and Termini, but there are no intermediate stop, and you also don't need to be concerned about free place during rush hour.

  • Leonardo Express Train: how to get it

    leonardo express train sign

    Check out the airport's railroad track station. In the corridor out luggage claim, try to find blue elevated indications that show trains and other designs of transfer. (see above).

    Keep to the train signs, which will lead you (via escalators and an high tube) to the (Stazione Ferroviaria ) railroad station, which is in the exact way as the car parking garages and also Hilton airport hotel.

    You can buy the tickets out from the green Trenitalia ticket equipments, at the  ticket counter, or even more at the news sit ,tobacconist in the station

    The ticket machines and the railroad's ticket counter allow credit cards; at the newsstand, where customers will probably be in a hurry, we'd recommend make payment on €14 fare in cash.

    If you prefer, you can order e-tickets on the web, though it is important to register with the Trenitalia Web site to use this option.

  • Leonardo express timetable

    Don't forget to confirm your ticket simply by inserting it within the devices at or nearby the platform. If you're caught traveling the train with an unvalidated ticket, you may be slapped with a mulct of €50 (payable on the spot) additionally the normal rate.

    onlyE-tickets bought on-line needn't be validated.

    Leonardo Express timetable

    Leonardo Express leaves out from the airport at 5.35am and there is one every 30 minutes.

    so 5.35am

    6.05 am


    7.05am and so on: the last train from Fiumicino airport to Termini Station is up to 10.35pm.

    It won't stop till you reach Termini Station, 31 minutes once leaving the airport. Once you exit the train, just be sure you bring everything with you, including any luggage that you may have put under or between the seat, in the overhead stand, or in the baggage spot

    The Leonardo Express comes nearby the rear of Stazione Termini, so you'll need to have walkinf few minutes towards the front of the station to get the Metro, buses, and taxis.

  • Now it is time to have a look to the rates from Fiumicino airport to Rome Termini station.

    Train ticket cost euro 14 per person

    Public Taxi cost euro 48 per car (max 4 people) if the driver is honest

    Our transfer service from Fiumicino to Rome cost the flat rate of euro 45 (bags and tax included )

    If you are a party up to 3 people choose us because you save stress, money and time

    Even if you are only 2 people and you decide to take the train, could be the wrong decision, just because if your Hotel is not near by the Termini Station, once you arrive there, probably you will pay an extra for a taxi to take you to your final destination

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