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  • How To Call A Taxi In Rome

  • How to call a taxi in Rome: useful numbers,apps and tips

    how to call a taxi in Rome

    Many people ask us How to call a taxi in Rome. In this post we will give you all the info and tips to call a taxi in Rome with your own phone, or using an app or even whatsapp.

    How to call a taxi in Rome with your phone: useful taxi numbers

    Basically there are 2 main “public” taxi companies: 3570 and 6645. To call them with your own phone you just have to dial:

    • 06-3570 if you have an italian sim card
    • 06-6645 if you have an italian sim card
    • 0039-06-3570 if you have your country sim card
    • 0039-06-6645 if you have your country sim card

    TIP: if you stay in any Hotel, the receptionist can provide to call a taxi for you. In fact they also have their priority line.

    Taxi stands

    If you are located close to any metro station or in the airport, there are many taxi stands and, basically, you don’t need to call a taxi from there.

    So, just go to the top of the taxi line and take the first available.

    Here you will find a taxi stand list of the main places

    How to call a taxi using Uber

    how to call a taxi with uber app

    Uber is the first worldwide app to call a taxi in any city of the world, but it is also a little bit expensive.

    If you wish to use it, just download on your phone and sign up: you can pay directly with your credit card or in cash to the driver.

    Tips; use it only if the public taxis are on strike.

    For the airport transfer see below our best suggestion

    How to call a taxi from/to the airports

    Naturally, we highly recommend to use our private transfer company from/ to Rome airport as well

    Moreover we can guarantee fix rate from and also to any location in Rome.

    Here follows our best fix rates from or to rome airports:

    • Sedan car 1-4 people euro 45
    • Minivan for 5 people euro 60
    • Van from 6 to up 8 people euro 70

    You can book a taxi in advance using our reservation form:

    Or you can call a taxi dialing 0039- 329-2093-765

    How to call a taxi using whatsapp

    how to call a taxi with whatsapp

    Such us a phone call, if you can not use your phone but you can use Internet, there is a simple but effective way to call a taxi.

    Use whats app. Indeed whats app is one of the best app and starting from today you can use it to call a taxi or book a taxi in Rome as well.

    In fact we are one of the first transfer company to use what app to call a taxi.

    Alternatively to the common phone call this method is really fast and simple

    Whats app to us now to this phone number 0039-329-2093-765