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  • How to book a taxi from Rome airport

  • 3 reasons to book your taxi transfer before you come in Rome

    Here are 3 good reasons to book a taxi from Fiumicino and Ciampino, before your flight lands at the airport.

    • First of all, by booking in advance, you already know how much you spend for your destination, no misunderstandings between you and your driver.

    • The second reason is that, some days, Fiumicino and Ciampino airports, could be very crowded, and find a free taxi could be very difficult.

    • The third reason is that often, public taxis, could be on strike, and after a long journey, the last thing you want is to not know how to get to Rome from the airport center.

    If, however, you book your taxi before arriving in Rome, you are sure to find your driver waiting for you, even in the event of a strike or late arrival.


  • How to book a taxi from Airport to Rome in 3 easy steps

    To book a taxi with our transfers company from the Rome airports, you just need to check the costs and fill in a booking form and we do the rest.

    What we need for the reservation are your personal details such as name, last name, email and phone number and the details of your flight as the airline, flight number, and in the end, day and time of arrival in airport.

    After filling out the reservation form, we will send you a confirmation with all the details of the taxi booked and a telephone number for emergencies and active 24h.

    Book a taxi from Rome airport in 3 easy steps


    • Step1. Select your landing Airport

    Actually in Rome there are 2 airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino airport.

    • Fiumicino airport is the main international one: on your flight ticket is often reported the acronym FCO or the real name "Leonardo da Vinci" LDV
    • Ciampino airport is the second and smaller one: Check on your ticket the acronym CPO

    Once you understand what will be your destination airport, you just have to check our fixed rates for a taxi from the airport to Rome and book.
    Below I insert the link to go to the respective pages with the costs and the most useful information on what to do once I arrive at the airport.

    Fiumicino airport taxi to Rome

    Ciampino airport taxi to Rome

    •  Step2.Check the taxi rates

    If you use the links above, you will find a page with all the information on prices, for a car, mini van and a van from 1 to 8 people.
    All prices are fixed and include everything.

    The only 2 things not included in the price are the night service (+ EUR 5 from 10pm to 06am) and payment by credit card at the end of the transfer (+ € 3)

    • Step3. Book your taxi 

    Fill out the reservation form following the link in the information pages. We never ask you a credit card and the booking on line is free of charge: you can cancel the reservation anytime by email.

  • Book a taxi from airport to Rome : frequently questions and answers

    We have included the most frequently asked questions that have been asked throughout the years, by people who before you, have used our taxi for their transfer from the airports in Rome.
    If you have a specific question, not present in this list, you can use the form at the end of the page or email us at info@rometransfer.it

    1) Once i book a taxi transfer, what I have to do?

    Absolutely nothing; we will send a confirmation to your email address within 30 minutes

    2) The reservation is free of charge?

    Off course

    3) Should I pay in advance for the transfer?

    No, payment will be at the end of the journey and directly to the driver 

    4) Can I cancel my reservation with no penalty and how can I do?

    You can cancel the booking anytime, but please do that at least 12 hourse before your arrival

    5) Do I need a credit card to reserve?

    No, we never ask you a credit card number

    6) Can I pay in advance?

    Yes you can and in that case we will send to you our paypal account for the money transfer

    8) Where the driver will pick me up and how can I recognize him?

    Your driver will wait for you to the arrivals room with your name written on a pad

    9) What if I can't find him?

    After the taxi booking we will send to your email address an useful phone number for the emergency: use it in that case 

    10) My booking is always guarantee?

    Yes it is; we work 365 days and we never are on strike

    11) Can I book a round trip?

    Yes you can and is very easy: in fact at the end of the booking form there is a part to flag if you need the round trip taxi service. In that case mark it and we will send an email asking for the return details.

    12) If my flight is delay could you keep my reservation on?

    We always check your flight status, before and during your plain lands in the airport. you will always find your driver waiting for you even after 3 hours delay