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  • Fiumicino airport taxi price

  • Fiumicino airport taxi price: costs and useful info

    fiumicino airport taxi price

    In this post we will show how much is a taxi cost from Fiumicino airport to Rome, but also the taxi fare from Rome city to Fiumicino airport, in the year 2017.

    This is a complete guide and we will show you exactly:

    • Where to find a public taxi rank
    • How to book an airport taxi service in advance
    • How to use the app Uber to get a taxi in Fiumicino airport
    • Taxi costs for all kind of vehicles available
    • How to reserve a big taxi from 5 to 8 people
    • And how to avoid to be  rip off from any taxi driver

    There are basically 3 kinds of cabs services in Rome

    • Public taxi ( white one )
    • Private taxi ( there are many companies out of there )
    • Uber

    Fiumicino Airport to Rome taxi cost


    In Rome, public taxis are white and have the sign of taxi on the roof of the car. Basically you can not stop a taxi on the street. In fact there is a taxi rank in any exit gate of each Terminal of the Airport

    taxi rank fiumicino airport

    All the taxis over there are regular one: they have the symbol of Roma Capitale on the side door and a pad with the flat rate on it.

    In this moment ( 2017 ) a taxi price from Fiumicino airport to Rome with a public taxi is euro 48.

    fiumicino airport to rome taxi fare

    As you can see in the picture above a Fiumicino airport taxi price is set at 48 euro, bags included and all extra charges.

    This means that you don’t need to leave any tip or any other extra fee to the driver.

    The mains companies to offer a public taxi service are 3570 and 6645. To call them you just need to dial 0039 (Italy country code ) 06-3570 or 0039 ( Italy country code ) 06-6645

    It also says that the taxi price is within the Aurelian walls; but where are exactly located??

    The Aurelian Walls

    Aurelian walls map

    The aurelian walls were built from Imperator Aureliano and are still used today to fix a taxi rate.

    Is a big portion of the city center includes areas like Vatican, Termini station, Coloseum, Spanish steps, trevi Fountain, Terme di Caracalla.

    Now to avoid to be rip off from any taxi driver we higly recommend to ask to the taxi driver if your location is inside or outside the Aurelian walls ( only if you are not sure ).

    If your location is outside of Aurelian walls a Fiumicino airport taxi price is euro 48 plus the charge of the taximeter.

    TIP: there are a lot of irregular taxi drivers in Fiumicino airport: they will approach you asking if you need a ride to the city. Please don’t give them a chance to rip you off.

    They are irregular with no license and insurance: in fact is not allow to any taxi driver to ask you for a ride.

    TIP: if you already decide to get a public taxi, once your flight will land in the airport, we also suggest to check on internet if in Rome in that day will be a strike

    TIP: are you a party from 5 to 8 people? Be carefull, because many taxis in Rome are for only 4 people. Is really hard to find out a cab for a small party like 5 or 6 or more people.

    Fiumicino airport taxi price


    fiumicino airport taxi service

    There are many transfer private company on Internet and before you chose to get one of them, we will give you some tips to get the right one.

    Obviously we can offer our transfer service, but there are some points here to keep in mind, before you chose the right private transfer company:

    • The average price should be between 45 and 50 euro for a sedan car, 60 to 65 euro for a minivan ( generally for 5 people and 70 to 80 euro for a Van ( 6 to 8 people )
    • Chose a transfer company that can show you some reviews of the customers
    • Clear and flat rate taxi price
    • Customer service: try to send them an email to check how long time they need to answer you
    • Chose one that provide for emergency number: is really useful when Fiumicino airport is really crowd

    Naturally get a private taxi from Fiumicino airport to Rome has many benefits.

    First of all, the driver will come inside the airport and he will wait for you even in case the flight will be delayed.

    Second you will travel ( generally and if oyu get one of our car ) in a comfort Mercedes or similar car, clean and safe.

    Third you know exactly how much is a taxi from Fiumicino airport to Rome, before your flight arrive in the airport

    Fourth a company like ours is never on strike and we guarantee a transfer service even for the late night

    Fifth they basically cover more than 80% of Rome city to the fix price

    Now that you know why a private taxi is better than a public one, we want to show you how much is the taxi price from Fiumicino airport to Rome with us.

    Our best and cheapest taxi rate for the year 2017

    • Sedan Mercedes e-class car from 1 to up 4 people euro 45
    • Minivan Mercedes for 5 people euro 60
    • Van Mercedes from 6 to 8 people euro 70

    All the rates above includes bags and tax; we apply an extra fee of 5 euro only for the night transfers ( from 10pm to 06am )

    Which Fiumicino airport to Rome areas we cover by our flat rate?

    • Trastevere
    • Vatican
    • Termini station
    • Coloseum
    • Spanish
    • Trevi fountain
    • San Giovanni
    • Ostiense
    • Eur
    • Flaminio
    • Esquilino
    • Prati
    • Parioli
    • Policlinico
    • Gianicolense
    • Monte Mario

    As you can see our Fiumicino airport taxi price to Rome is lower than a public taxi and we cover more areas with our fix cost

    How to book in advance an airport transfer with us ?

    Basically there are 3 ways:

    1. You can fill out a form with your data and flight info here 
    2. Send to us a request to info@rometransfer.it
    3. Request or book a transfer using whatsapp to 0039-329-2093-765

    But if you need more details read here: Fiumicino airport to Rome transfer or Rome city to Fiumicino airport transfer

    Fiumicino airport taxi price


    fiumicino airport taxi price by uber

    Do you aready know UBER? It is an app with Geolocalization. You need to download this app from applestore or playstore, sign up and use it.

    Request for a taxi once you download and login in your account: they will send to your the time you need to wait for a driver, the cost and driver info. You will pay directly with your credit card ( that you already left in the sign up step )

    Is really easy to use it and this is, bascally ideal for the smartphone lovers, but it is also time and money consuming.

    In fact a Fiumicino airport taxi price using Uber is about 55-65 euro ( depend by your drop off location ) and sometimes is not too much easy to find out a driver free.