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    Rome Ciampino taxi , cabs, can be found at the taxi rank simply outside the landings terminal.

    A normal voyage from Ciampino taxis into Rome's downtown area will cost between EUR 30.00 to EUR 40.00. Travelers flying out to goals inside the Aurelian Walls will be charged around EUR 30.00 for the trek.

    Making a trip from Ostiense Station to Ciampino will cost around EUR 30.00 and travelers making the adventure from Tiburtina Station to the airplane terminal will be charged at EUR 35.00.

    A Ciampino Taxi additionally exchange travelers to the city's other critical aeronautics center point Leonardo da Vinci Fiumcino Airport. A solitary excursion will cost around EUR 50.00. The levies are set by City of Rome civil authorities. Costs as of now incorporate gear and up to 4 travelers for every air terminal taxi.

    Each authorized air terminal taxi conveys a taximeter which will charge for goals other the settled ones said above and will include an expense for baggage. Travelers ought to keep away from cabs which are cruising the airplane terminal compound touting for business and don't convey the official City of Rome hues and markings. Official airplane terminal cabs are white and convey a lit up "TAXI" sign on the highest point of the auto and also showing a permit number on their entryways, their back and within the auto.

    Ease alternatives like transport exchanges can be reserved ahead of time on the web. A solitary trip with a bus can be as meager as £19.00 for one individual.

    A private exchange with driver and way to entryway benefit, where the driver meets the traveler by and by at the landings zone is a decent alternative for individuals who don't communicate in Italian and are apprehensive about taking the transport. Security is likewise ensured, as the bus administration may be for the one explorer who has booked the private auto. From the airplane terminal to the downtown area, say to an inn for instance, the bus toll will be quite recently over EUR 54.00 and the trip will take ca. 45 minutes.

    A private auto benefit for one to four travelers will normally cost around EUR 61.00 (our rate is euro 45)

    and for 5 travelers the charge will be around EUR 77.00 ( we only ask 60 euro ). A minibus for six to eight travelers will cost around EUR 92.00.( again we only ask euro 70 )

    Camping taxi are constrained to conveying only four travelers and there's just space in the boot for three bags. The visitor data point at the International Passenger zone of the terminal can give data about standard voyaging costs for taxi ventures into focal Rome. Inside the city cabbies have a notoriety at climbing up costs and attempting to cheat sightseers who don't communicate in Italian. It is in this way a smart thought to book a taxi benefit ahead of time or to get estimating data at the vacationer data stand.

    The standard, level expense charges of EUR 30.00 cited by the traveler data indicate apply just trips from the air terminal to goals inside the Mura Aureliane, the Aurelian Wall that delimitates the city's center.


    This article has made from a famous woman and journalist blogger: http://www.revealedrome.com/2013/08/ciampino-airport-taxi.html


    Never, ever take a taxi from the Rome airport of Ciampino.

    Why? Because, it turns out, the taxi drivers at Ciampino have a racket going on—one revolving around (illegally) ripping off tourists. 

    Since I normally take the bus from Ciampino to the Rome center, I had no idea. But last week, after a 5-hour flight delay that meant I arrived to Ciampino exhausted (and harried), a friend and I decided to split a cab.

    A Ciampino taxi to Rome is €30. That’s the flat rate set by the city; it includes all passengers in the vehicle, all of their bags, and one stop in the center. For that, it’s illegal for drivers to charge more. (From the Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci airport, there’s also a set fee, €48). (Here, by the way, is the list of legal Rome taxi fares as published on the Comune di Roma’s own site; the second page of the PDF has it all in English).

    So, bags in hand, we walked out to the official taxi queue. Repeat: the official taxi queue. Filled with registered, licensed, official taxis.

    And, as is the case for all official taxis (to try to minimize the number of scams exactly like this one), each one had large lettering on the side saying that the flat rate, for Ciampino to Rome, is €30.

    Here’s where it potentially gets tricky: The writing directly on the cab calls the “Rome center” anything within the Aurelian walls of the city.

    Of course, as a tourist, you wouldn’t necessarily know what that means. But, as it’s delineated in the city’s laws, it includes the heart of Rome, plus Trastevere and the Vatican neighborhood. In other words, 99% of tourists coming into Ciampino (or Fiumicino) are staying within the walls, since it includes the area around the Spanish Steps, Termini train station, Piazza Navona, and St. Peter’s are all in the center.

    My friend and I live right near the Colosseum. Which is also well within the walls.

    Where the Aurelian walls are when taking a cab
    The area in orange is what the city’s bylaws delineate as within the Aurelian walls, i.e. Rome’s “center.” 

    The old (and sweet-looking! and smiley!) old taxi driver at the head of the queue went to take our bags. In Italian, we asked if there was any way he could do two stops—a favor, we knew, even though we live only 3 minutes apart from each other.

    Si, senza problema,” he said, putting our bags in his trunk. “I’ll do both stops for €50.”

    “Oh, no, never mind,” I said. “Forget it. We’ll both just get dropped off at the same place, the Colosseum.”

    “Okay,” he said. “I’ll do that for €40.”

    Me: “What? It’s €30.”

    Him: “No, it’s €40.”

    Me (still in Italian): “Listen, I live in Rome. I know it’s €30. That’s the flat fare.”

    Him (taking my arm and pointing to the side of his cab): “No, but see, it’s €30 to the walls of Rome. That’s not where the Colosseum is.”

    Me (at this point, floored): “No, it’s €30 to within the walls. To the center.”

    Him: “The Colosseum’s not in the center.”

    (Um, we might have been wearing flip-flops, and I might have been speaking Italian with an American accent… but really? At this point, he was seriously insulting our intelligence).

    Taking my bag back from him, I turned to the other drivers. All of whom were loitering next to their cabs in a group, watching the exchange silently.

    “So…” I said, flustered. “Will anyone here take us for, you know, the €30 flat fare?”


    As I angrily dragged my bag toward the bus stop, along with my friend, another man appeared in the parking lot. “What happened?” he asked. I explained, briefly. “Look,” he said, “I’m a taxi driver too, and I’ll take you. Yes, for €30. Wait down the road.”

    As we headed a little bit down the street from the airport, I looked back. Sure enough, he’d gotten into another official, licensed taxi.

    And the reason why he wanted to pick us up away from the others was clear: As he drove by them, they picked up on what he was doing and started—I kid you not—yelling at him and banging on his window.

    All because… he was following the law.

    Look, I should be used to stuff like this in Italy. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen that blatant a display of law-flouting and intimidation; remember, again, these were all official taxi drivers. And watching them try to scare another driver into not following the law was something I won’t forget for a while.

    On top of that? How unfair to tourists! I had the good luck to know what the “center” and the “Aurelian walls” really mean. But not everyone does. And many visitors probably wonder how they wound up spending a ton of cash on what, in no traffic, can be as little as a 20-minute ride.

    As the (legit) driver drove us home, he was apologetic for the others’ behavior. “Look,” he said, “they’ve been waiting out there for five hours without a single fare. That’s why.”

    Right. And now, instead of getting a fare, they were going to sit and loiter in front of the airport for another few hours. Really smart, guys.

    In sum: Don’t take a taxi from Ciampino airport. Unless, that is, these guys actually start paying attention to the flat fare. There are lots of other easy ways to get into the center, including the €5 buses (as soon as you exit the baggage area, you’ll see ticket desks for the buses); in retrospect, exhausted or not, that’s what we should have done.

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