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  • Fco to Civitavecchia port

    The best way to go from Fiumicino Fco airport to Civitavecchia port is without a doubt, to use a taxi. To start your holiday well, you have to be stress free and just a private transfer [...]

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    Civitavecchia port to Fiumicino airport

    How to get and book a taxi from Civitavecchia port to Fiumicino airport? First of all it is useful to book a taxi from Civitavecchia Harbor to Fiumicino, before your ship landed in the harbor. This is[...]

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    Civitavecchia Cab Service

    Civitavecchia cab service offers you the opportunity to reach Rome or the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino in the best possible way. But how do you choose the best cab service in Civitavecchia port?[...]

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    Taxi service Rome airport

    A taxi service at the airport in Rome, is the best choice if you want to avoid stress and save you time. But, to avoid being cheated by taxi drivers without valid license (in Rome there are many) or [...]

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    Ciampino airport transfer

    In this article you find out all possible transfers from Ciampino airport to Rome. Ciampino airport, is located about 18-20 km from the city center and is connected by bus, train, shuttle and of [...]

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    Taxi cost Ciampino to Rome

    The Ciampino airport is located about 20 km from center of Rome. Public Taxi costs 30 euro from Ciampino to Rome, if you're lucky ..... In fact, if you read the reviews on the Internet, of those who [...]

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    Taxi strike 23 of March

    The day March 23, 2017 has called for a national public taxi strike. A strike that coninvolge all public taxis (white taxis) for reforms on laws governing the public transport sector and that are [...]

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    Taxi cost Fiumicino to Rome

    The best way to avoid the queue and pay the right price for a taxi from Fiumicino to Rome is to book in advance. In fact, very often, public taxis are on strike, and find a free taxi, could become a [...]

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    Taxi Cost From Fiumicino To Rome

    If you're wondering how much does a taxi from Fiumicino Airport to Rome, the answer is 45 euro. In fact we can pick directly inside the airport, with your name written on a sign. Our fixed price [...]

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    Taxi from Ciampino airport to Rome

    Ciampino airport is located about 15-20 km from center of Rome. That said, however, the connection by public transport is quite scarce. A viable option is to take a taxi from Ciampino airport to Rome[...]

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